IDRC Research Project

‘Meeting the Challenges of Information Disorder in the Global South: A Scoping Study’

Despite being a widespread problem in countries in the Global South, the study of disinformation remains dominated by examples, case studies and models from the Global North.  Knowledge about the various manifestations of disinformation, the range of responses and success rate of interventions to counter disinformation remains fragmented and partial. In order to gain a better understanding of the knowledge gaps and areas where further research is required, as well as to identify opportunities for inter- and intra-regional cooperation, a scoping study of counter-disinformation efforts in the Global South is needed.

The project has three interconnected objectives: a) to map the actors currently working in the counter-disinformation space and identify current frameworks upon which interventions are based; b) to learn from current approaches, tools and methods to countering of disinformation;  c)  to gain an overview of the research landscape and identify key issues and questions for further research.

Principal Investigator

Herman Wasserman, University of Cape Town

Region Leaders

Sub-Saharan Africa

Araba Sey

Allison Gilwald

Research ICT Africa


Helani Galpaya

Rohan Samarajiva


Middle-East and North Africa Region

Rawan Damen

Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism

Latin America

Francisco Brito Cruz

Jonas Valente